rainy day inspiration

Did you know? Portland tends to have a few rainy days during the winter💧. So where can a person go to escape the winter blues? Japan! Sort of. Portland has one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. Beautiful, fluffy green moss. Lovely streams meandering thru rocks and, uh, more lovely moss. One thing missing? People! And sometimes you may witness … a surprise sun break!


A new year

Happy new year! I’m hoping this year brings more opportunities to be creative using different art mediums. First risograph class is Feb 2. And fingers crossed... hopefully the backyard studio will hava a working kiln by Spring. 


where did time go!?

Good gravy. Where did this past year go? It is really challenging to keep up with all the social media things...like posting on FB, INSTAGRAM, pinning on PINTEREST and blogging on the blog section of our site: stellar frequencies (infrequencies). Oh well, summer is upon us Portlanders once again.

Cape Disappointment, Washington

Cape Disappointment, Washington

onward and upward

Onward and upward is one way to go. I think I could letterpress on just about anything and it would some how improve the loveliness of it... such as a postcard (like here) or a muslin bag, shop bag, tag, etc.

February is here!...?

Can't believe February is here already! And so here comes Valentine's day! It seems like, in the greeting card world, there is always a another "holiday" right around the bend...We're ready too...a lot of our cards are for that someone special...